Irrigation, Water Supply & Sanitation

The growing demand and supply of water brings with it the need for both waste water and solid waste management. Spectra has identified and developed expertise that is effectively able to cater to the various needs in the water supply and sanitation development sector. The projects undertaken included the utilization of both underground and surface sources.

Spectra specialist skills and experience in flood estimation, mapping, and mitigation, hydrologic & hydraulic modeling, planning and social considerations are highly valued by clients and joint venture partners.

Today Spectra’s expertise has matured to cover comprehensive services that include all aspects of the Water Supply and Sanitation sector.

The services include

  • Survey, Investigation, Data Collection and Water Availability Studies
  • Planning, design and execution of water supply, sewerage and drainage in plains and hills
  • Satellite imagery processing, digital elevation model development, storage planning and command area development works – micro irrigation schemes
  • Planning, design & execution of canal and drainage works for Irrigation
  • Water-shed development planning & designs
  • Water Supply and Public Health Engineering
  • Environmental impact assessment & socio-economic studies for Water Resources projects
  • Planning, design, construction supervision and Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Dam and related structure
  • Dam and Reservoir Engineering
  • Planning & Design of Hydro Power schemes
  • Ground Water Investigation and Design
  • Design of Water and Waste Water Infrastructure
  • Technical Assistance for Project Implementation
  • Design and Implementation of Community Water Supply & Sanitation Projects
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Decentralization of Services.

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