Spectra provide superior consulting & specialist services in various area of transportation engineering. Our team of professional engineers, scientists, technologists, and support staff is committed to provide sustainable, innovative & practical solutions to public and private sector owners and operators of roadway and transportation infrastructure. We work in close collaboration with our clients.

Roads and Highways

Spectra excels in planning, designing and supervising all types of road development projects including highways, expressways and other roads (both rural and urban). It has significant design experience for all functional classifications. We provide innovative solutions to meet the existing and future transportation demands of automobiles, trucks, buses, transit, bicycles and pedestrians in urban, rural, and industrial environments. Our transportation & traffic engineering specialists can plan and design various measures for traffic improvement for municipal, regional and provincial government roads. Spectra’s project teams have experience with alternative delivery systems, including design-build and public-private partnerships, to help clients overcome budget challenges and get critical infrastructure built. The services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Topographical surveys and Hydrological Studies
  • Planning and Detailed Design& Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and management plan
  • Traffic Surveys, Forecasting & Modeling
  • Land Acquisition plans, Rehabilitation& Resettlement
  • Alignment and route selection
  • Highway Facilities Design
  • Strip Plans & Utility Relocation plans
  • Cost estimation
  • Road safety and Accident Studies
  • Pavement Analysis
  • Construction Supervision
  • Geotechnical Investigations and material surveys
  • Contract administration and documentation
  • Corridor Management and regional planning
  • Construction administration and documentation
Bridges and Structures

Bridge design is yet another specialty of Spectra. The division is competent to design all types of bridges including flyovers and interchanges, including bridges across major rivers. Company expertise in designing cost effective solutions in creating reinforced concrete solid slab, voided slab, Reinforced concrete T-beam and slab, Reinforced concrete box girders, Pre-stressed concrete girder and slabs, Pre-stressed concrete box girder, Pre-stressed concrete solid slab and voided slab, steel truss composite type superstructures has led them to be one of the industry leader. The division has designed 663 bridge structures to date including several bridges in the most difficult and treacherous terrain of the northern areas of Pakistan. 

Spectra always accept the challenge with great enthusiasm to provide innovative solutions in response to clients’ needs with its expertise in designing from large to small bridges/structures.. The services include:

  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Structural Design & Detailing including transport node design
  • Procurement and Contract Administration
  • Construction/ Maintenance Supervision
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Hydrological Studies
  • Design of Safety and Access Control Barriers
  • Earth and Water Retaining Structures

Whether the project is a motorway, highway, toll road a complex interchange, a facility through an environmentally sensitive area, or a bridge, Spectra professionals will provide innovative, cost effective and timely solutions while minimizing disruption to its users and the environment. 

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