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In a groundbreaking endeavor to uplift the lives of communities in Pakistan, SES has successfully completed the feasibility study and detailed engineering design of the “Construction of Inter-District Road from Torghar to District Buner.” This transformative project, spanning 25 kilometers, aims to bridge the gap between the distant regions of Torghar and Buner, unlocking new avenues of growth and progress.

Enhancing Connectivity, Empowering Lives

The project was initiated by the Peshawar-Karachi Highway Authority (PKHA) with a vision to create a robust communication network, connecting the remote villages of Torghar and Buner in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Before this endeavor, the lack of proper connectivity severely hampered economic activities and access to essential services, isolating the communities from regional centers.

Excellence in Design and Execution

The project unfolded in meticulous phases, starting with detailed design using AASHTO and British Road Note No.31 standards. Topographic surveys provided accurate mapping, and soil investigations delved into the earth’s secrets to ascertain the ideal construction approach. Geometric studies guaranteed a well-aligned road for smooth and safe travel.
The project also incorporated protective measures, including training works, to fortify the road against natural elements, safeguarding its longevity. Tender documentation ensured transparency, promoting effective and equitable procurement.

Empowering Communities: The Significance and Benefits

The completion of this inter-district road marks a monumental milestone for the communities of Torghar and Buner. The enhanced connectivity will facilitate easier access to healthcare, education, and markets, fostering socio-economic development.
For the first time, villagers will have an all-weather fair route, unlocking new economic opportunities, boosting trade, and attracting investments. The road will also improve emergency response times and enhance regional integration, bringing communities closer together.
SES takes pride in being part of this transformative project, contributing to the progress of the region, and bringing smiles to the faces of the people it serves. The completion of the inter-district road stands as a testament to the power of engineering excellence in driving positive change and building a brighter future for the people of Pakistan.

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