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  • Featured Projects, Transportation
  • Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority (PKHA)

  • District Buner & Torghar, KPK, Pakistan

  • April 2021
    July 2021

  • PKR 4.1 Billion

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The project is a transformative initiative undertaken by PKHA Peshawar to bridge the geographical divide between the distant regions of Torghar and Buner in Pakistan. The road spans 25 kilometers and is designed to provide an all-weather fair route, enhancing connectivity and opening up new economic opportunities for the communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Narrative Description of Project

The Inter-District Road project aims to address the long-standing challenges of isolation and limited access faced by the villages in Torghar and Buner. Before this project, inadequate connectivity hindered socio-economic growth and restricted the flow of essential services to these remote regions. PKHA Peshawar, recognizing the importance of improving the communication network, collaborated with engineering experts to devise a comprehensive plan for constructing the inter-district road.

Description of Actual Services Provided

The design, construction supervision and other ancillary works includes

1. Detailed design, structural drawings, Bill of Quantities (BOQ’s), specifications, engineering estimates using AASHTO and British Road Note No.31 standards.
2.Reconnaissance Survey to assess the project’s requirements and scope.
3. Topographic Surveys to conduct to accurately map the terrain and surrounding areas, helping identify potential challenges and optimal road alignments.
4. Soil Investigations to thoroughly studied the ground conditions to assess the foundation requirements and determine appropriate construction techniques.
5. Geometric Study to ensure the road’s alignment was efficient, safe, and suited for the region’s topography.
6. Structural Design to meticulously engineered the road’s structure to withstand various weather conditions and heavy traffic loads.
7. Environmental Safeguards to implement measures to protect the natural surroundings, promoting sustainable development practices.

The successful completion of the Inter-District Road project will significantly improve connectivity between Torghar and Buner, unlocking new economic opportunities and improving the overall quality of life for the communities in the region. This project stands as a testament to the power of engineering excellence and collaborative efforts in driving positive change and fostering regional development in Pakistan.