The journey that began during the Tehreek-e-Insaf era has reached a defining chapter with the near-completion of the Osik Bridge Darosh on a main Chitral river. A beacon of progress, this bridge stands poised to transform lives, benefiting nearly 25,000 residents and enhancing the charm of Drosh. The significance of this achievement cannot be overstated.

Designed by Spectra Engineering Solutions, under the visionary leadership of former MPA and Parliamentary Secretary Bibi Fawzia, Osik Bridge ADP_ NO_1165/170171 has been a testament to community collaboration.

The resolute efforts of all involved, including the Tehreek-e-Insaf government and the unwavering commitment of Razit Balla, have transformed the Osik Bridge from a vision to a reality. The bridge, spanning communities like Wardhab Dumshghur Osek, Janjerit, Koh Suir, and Arsun, represents more than just physical connectivity; it signifies a connection to better opportunities, brighter futures, and the collective spirit of Chitral.

The Osik Bridge is a very complicated and complex bridge that employs cutting-edge technology, utilizing Towers for launching girders. This method is particularly suited for bridges with extended spans and intricate designs. It not only showcases engineering prowess but also holds a deeper significance.

As the Osik Bridge nears completion, it not only stands as a testament to engineering excellence but also serves as a tribute to the power of unity and determination. It embodies the hope of a community that believes in the transformative potential of progress. With every girder launched and every connection strengthened, Osik Bridge epitomizes a shared journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

Girder Launching using Towers

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