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  • Peshawar Development Authority (PDA)

  • November 2020
    October 2021

  • Greater Peshawar Region, Pakistan

  • PKR 6.6 Billion

  • 12

Effluent Discharge


Peshawar is the largest and capital city of KPK. It houses about two million of population. Five main canals of Peshawar Valley namely Hazar Khwani Branch, Warsak Gravity Canal, Warsak Lift Canal, Joe Sheikh Canal and Kabul River Canal passes through the city. All municipal and industrial effluent of Peshawar terminate in the above-mentioned irrigation canals directly or indirectly. The various water courses connecting from these canals inadvertently serve to convey sewage/storm water flows and finally dispose into agricultural land.

Thus, investing in the provision of safe disposal of sewerage/drainage water is not only a development-oriented strategy, it can also yield other socio-economic benefits in terms of improved health status, quality of labor force and reduced burden on health care budget. The project will improve life standard of the residents of the city by providing clean and safe canal water available for irrigation and other purposes. It will provide a clean and green environment to the people of Peshawar.

Narrative Description of Project

With unprecedented increase in population, the pressure on infrastructure of the city has increased manifolds. Disposal of liquid waste is one of the major infrastructure components, which has been calling for serious attention for a very long time and much more so in the recent past. In fact, sewerage and drainage facilities are available in a very limited part of the city and whatever facilities exist, are not in a good shape and are therefore unable to properly cater even for the areas which they were provided to serve.

Project Location

Figure: Project Vicinity Map

Description of actual services provided

The following services have been provided by our firm.
• Collection, Study/ Review and analysis of existing data
• Consultation with stake holders
• Conceptual layouts/ Design of the proposed intervention
• Detailed Engineering Survey
• Project Mapping
• Volumetric Estimation
• Preparation of cost estimates
• Detailed construction drawings
• Detailed BoQ’s & Cost Estimates
• Preparation of PC-1
• Evaluation of contractors bid
• Draft contract agreement with contractor